Faros delanteros LED Ford F2004 2008-150 Faros delanteros del mercado de accesorios OEM F150

Sku: MS-HDF1500408
Este conjunto de faros delanteros del mercado de accesorios cumple con el DOT, lo cual es legal para uso en carretera, viene en luces altas, luces bajas, señales de giro, luces de posición y luces de esquina, se adapta a Ford F2004 raptor 2008-150.
  • Tipo de lámpara:Faros LED
  • Diámetro:440mm / 17.3inch
  • Anchura:254mm / 10 pulgadas
  • Profundidad:357mm / 14 pulgadas
  • Modos de haz:High beam, low beam, turn signals, position lights, corner lights
  • Voltaje:12V DC
  • Poder teórico:36W High Beam, 30W Low Beam, 14W Turn Signals, 14W Position Lights, 15W Corner Lights
  • Lúmenes teóricos:5289LM High Beam, 4431LM Low Beam, 1828LM Turn Signals, 1819LM Position Lights, 164.8LM Corner Lights
  • Potencia real:52.89W High Beam, 44.31W Low Beam, 18.28W Turn Signals, 18.19W Position Lights, 1.648W Corner Lights
  • Lúmenes reales:968LM High Beam, 749.7LM Low Beam, 171.2lLM Turn Signals, 229.7LM Position Lights, 13.92LM Corner Lights
  • Material de la lente exterior:PMMA
  • Material de la carcasa:PC+ABS
  • Mueble:2004-2008 Ford F150, 2006-2008 Lincoln Mark LT
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Upgrade your 2004 Ford F150 with our DOT compliant F150 aftermarket LED headlights, designed to provide superior brightness, clarity, and style. These 2004 Ford F150 led headlights are manufacturing with high intensity LED beads that offer enhanced visibility during nighttime driving and adverse weather conditions, ensuring safer and more confident journeys. With a focused beam pattern to minimize glare for oncoming drivers, durable construction for long-lasting performance, and easy installation for upgrading. Our Ford F150 oem LED headlights not only improve functionality but also elevate the aesthetics of your Ford F150, making it stand out on the road with a modern and sleek look.

Características de los faros LED Ford F150

  • Aprobado por DOT
    The 2004 Ford F150 led headlight assembly is DOT (Department of Transportation) approved, ensuring they meet all necessary safety standards and regulations. This approval means that the headlights have been tested and certified for use on public roads, providing you with confidence in their performance and reliability.
  • Built in Corner Lights
    The built in corner lights of 2004 Ford F150 aftermarket headlights provide additional illumination to the sides of the vehicle, enhancing visibility when turning or maneuvering in tight spaces. This feature is especially useful for improving safety during nighttime driving and in low-light conditions.
  • Corner Lights Delay Off
    The corner lights delay off feature ensures that the corner lights remain illuminated for a short period after turning off the turn signal. This delay provides added visibility when turning or turning around, giving you extra time to navigate safely in dimly lit areas.
  • Bi-LED Projector Lens
    The 2004 Ford F150 LED headlights are designed with Bi-LED projector lenses, providing both high and low beam functionality from one single light source, enhances driving safety and visibility, making nighttime driving and adverse weather conditions much safer and more comfortable.
  • Ángulo de haz más amplio
    The 2004 F150 headlight conversion offers a wide angle of both high and low beams. This expansive coverage ensures a broader field of vision, allowing you to see more of the road and its surroundings. Whether you're driving on dark highways or through rural areas, this feature helps improve overall visibility and driving safety.
  • Clear Z-Shaped Cut Line
    This Z-shaped cut line helps to clearly define the light pattern, reducing glare for oncoming traffic and focusing the beam where it is needed most. It enhances both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the headlights.


2008 Ford F150 Raptor
2007 Ford F150 Raptor
2006 Ford F150 Raptor
2005 Ford F150 Raptor
2004 Ford F150 Raptor (no compatible con 2004 F150 Heritage)

2006 Lincoln Mark LT
2007 Lincoln Mark LT
2008 Lincoln Mark LT
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